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Personal loan or revolving credit?


Do you opt for a Revolving credit or Personal loan?

If you want to borrow money, there are generally two forms from which you can choose: the revolving credit and the personal loan. To determine which one suits you best, we have drawn up a short checklist for you for each loan type. This way you can see at a glance which loan is most suitable for you.

Personal loan

Q You need one-time money for a major purchase, such as a car
v You want to finance a renovation of your owner-occupied home
v You want a defined period within which you pay off your loan
v You want to repay the loan in monthly installments
v You want to know in advance when the loan will be paid off
v You want a fixed interest rate

If the above points appeal to you, then the personal loan suits you very well. You go for certainty and want to know where you stand financially. You often take out this loan with one-off, large expenditure. If you use the personal loan for a renovation or renovation of your owner-occupied home, you can partially deduct the interest from the tax. The interest on the personal loan is usually somewhat higher than that of the revolving credit.

You can repay a personal loan extra without penalty

Revolving credit

Q You want a loan with flexibility
v You want a loan that you can withdraw from the repaid amount
v You want to be able to make additional interim repayments without penalty
v You do not want to start paying back until you have withdrawn (part of) the credit

The revolving credit is suitable for you if you regularly want to be able to withdraw extra money up to the maximum agreed credit limit.
The interest on a revolving credit is variable and usually lower than the interest that you pay for a personal loan.

Do you want more information, advice or a personal loan or take out revolving credit? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Calculate revolving credit or personal loan?

The total credit amount
Installment amount (per month)
Variable debit interest on an annual basis
Annual percentage rate
Duration of the credit agreement
Total amount to be paid by you

Your monthly costs are:

This calculation is a guideline and you cannot derive any rights from it. We assume the lowest interest that we can offer you. The exact interest depends on your personal circumstances and can vary. The minimum term is 6 months and the maximum term is 120 months. The maximum legal interest is 14%.

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Personal loan Borrow a large amount once with a fixed interest. More information

Revolving credit Extra financial space for unexpected situations. More information

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