Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money


How much will you save?

Refinancing your existing loan (s) can yield significant benefits. For example, you can get a lower interest rate so that you can repay your loans (s) earlier. Do you want to know whether your loan can be cheaper? Calculate your benefit and request a quote without obligation.

Add extra loan

Save by transferring your Loans

  • Transfer your loans to a fixed interest rate
  • After transferring your loans, you can make extra repayments completely without penalty
  • Do you have a shorter term so that you have repaid the loan earlier
  • You can pay less every month
  • You have a better overview because you have one loan
  • You do not pay any closing costs
  • You can receive better conditions
  • You will receive your savings offer by email
  • Borrow extra? Enter the amount you want to borrow on the application form
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