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Financing residual debt - if you sold your home at a loss

Have you sold your home, but the sales value is lower than your mortgage? You will then make a loss and will probably get a debt (residual debt) with your mortgage provider. You can finance your residual debt inexpensively via New World Loans. This is much more favorable than if you leave the residual debt in your checking account and have to pay a substantial debit interest for this. And we also ensure that you reduce your debt step by step.

Financing residual debt cheaply - 2 ways
If you want to finance your residual debt inexpensively, you can choose from a revolving credit and a personal loan. Both loans are very transparent and have some clear features. If you are going for flexibility and a generally slightly lower (variable) interest rate , choose a revolving credit. If you go for the security of a fixed low interest rate and a fixed term, a personal loan will probably suit you better. Read all about a revolving credit and a personal loan here .

Free advice on residual debt financing
Every situation is different, and in the case of a residual debt, we can imagine that you would like to receive tailor-made advice. New World Loans gives you free advice, even when it comes to financing a residual debt. Request a quote online. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. With our extensive experience, we will also find a good solution for you!

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