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Personal loan

What is a personal loan

A personal loan is a loan where the amount of the loan amount, the term, the interest and the monthly term are fixed when taking out the personal loan. The personal loan is also used to finance large one-off purchases such as a car. You can calculate your personal loan online via Atlantigaz Have you made a calculation? Then request a quote for a cheap personal loan.

Benefits of a personal loan

  • Fixed interest
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed monthly installment
  • You know exactly where you stand

Compare the personal loan on the monthly term and the interest

You do not just take out a personal loan, but it is also not as complex as many people think. To ensure that you take out a responsible loan, you can easily calculate your maximum loan amount. If you know your maximum loan amount, you can make a calculation on the website of the monthly installments , the terms and the interest percentages associated with the loan amount you want. You can then request a quote without obligation.

Personal loan interest

A personal loan is a loan that offers you security. When applying for a personal loan, you know when you have paid off the loan and you know in advance how much the personal loan will cost in total in interest and repayment. This makes a personal loan suitable for, for example, the purchase of a car. The interest rates of the personal loan are fixed during the term of the loan.

How do I find the cheapest personal loan?

You can find the cheapest personal loan by comparing the interest rates of the personal loan from different providers. works together with various banks that provide affordable personal loans at favorable interest rates and you do not pay any advice or closing costs. Request a quote now.

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