Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money


Transfer your Flexible Credit? Request a quote without obligation and you will know within 24 hours how much you can save. No closing or advice costs.

You can transfer your flexible credit to New World Loans without penalty and free of charge. You can view and compare the interest of a flexible credit online and you will always see the most current interest. Switching your current flexible credit to a cheaper flexible credit or personal loan can yield many benefits. Would you like to know whether transferring your flexible credit is beneficial for you? Request a quote and our advisors will contact you.

What could be the benefits if you transfer your loan?

  • Transfer to a lower interest rate so that you have repaid the loan earlier.
  • Transferring your loan to lower monthly payments
  • Benefit from more favorable conditions

Refinance other loans?

Do you have a credit card, overdraft or a loan from a mail order company? These are loans on which you generally pay a higher interest. Refinancing these loans can therefore bring you a lot of benefit.

Whether it is wise to transfer your loan (s) depends on the conditions and interest on your existing loans. Therefore, let our expert advisers advise you free of charge. Request a quote without obligation .

What amount do you want to transfer?

The total credit amount
Installment amount (per month)
Variable debit interest on an annual basis
Annual percentage rate
Duration of the credit agreement
Total amount to be paid by you

Your monthly costs are:

This calculation is a guideline and you cannot derive any rights from it. We assume the lowest interest that we can offer you. The exact interest depends on your personal circumstances and can vary. The minimum term is 6 months and the maximum term is 120 months. The maximum legal interest is 14%.

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