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Cheap revolving credit

Cheap revolving credit without closing costs

The revolving credit is a form of credit where you can withdraw unlimited up to the agreed limit. If you want to make extra repayments on your revolving credit, you can do this completely without penalty. A cheap revolving credit therefore gives you optimal flexibility. The agreed credit limit is the maximum amount that you can withdraw. You can also withdraw additional amounts repaid on your revolving credit up to this limit. A revolving credit is a suitable form of loan if you want to have extra money on hand for unexpected expenses, for example.

Cheap revolving credit. What is your monthly installment?

The monthly installment of a revolving credit consists of interest and repayment. The interest is variable so that the part of the repayment can change within your monthly installment. If the interest rate rises, you pay less in repayment on your revolving credit and if the interest rate falls, you repay more on your revolving credit. You can repay part or all of extra repayment on a revolving credit.

Cheap revolving credit a suitable loan?

Whether a revolving credit is a suitable loan for you depends on your personal and financial situation and the purpose of the loan. Let our expert advisers advise you free of charge. Request a quote without obligation .

Cheap revolving credit. Calculate here

The total credit amount
Installment amount (per month)
Variable debit interest on an annual basis
Annual percentage rate
Duration of the credit agreement
Total amount to be paid by you

Your monthly costs are:

This calculation is a guideline and you cannot derive any rights from it. We assume the lowest interest that we can offer you. The exact interest depends on your personal circumstances and can vary. The minimum term is 6 months and the maximum term is 120 months. The maximum legal interest is 14%.

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