Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money


Borrowing acceptance conditions

New World Loans works with a large number of banks to provide loans. Each bank applies its own acceptance standards and conditions.
To apply for a loan through New World Loans, you must in any case meet the following conditions.

What are the conditions for borrowing money:

  • Your age is between 21 and 68 years
  • You are employed (permanent or temporary employment)
  • You have income from a WAO / WIA / Wajong benefit
  • You have income from (Pre) Pension or ANW benefit
  • Income at least $ 1,250 net
  • No BKR coding

Money Loan for a VOF, Sole Proprietorship, VOF, Ltd.

  • You are 25 or older
  • At least 3 years independently
  • Positive equity
  • Company makes a profit
  • You own an owner-occupied home
  • No BKR coding
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