Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money


Refinancing Continuous Credit

Do you now have a Revolving Credit? Then it may be wise to transfer your revolving credit to another bank with a lower interest rate . Carefully comparing revolving credits based on interest can save hundreds of euros per year. Transferring can therefore be very advantageous, also because no costs are owed when transferring a Revolving Credit.

A practical example:

Current Credit Data Current New

Total amount: $ 25,000: $ 25,000

Interest rate: 8.0%: 5.4%

Installment amount: $ 250: $ 250

Total to be paid by you: $ 37,750: $ 31,750

Theoretical duration: 151 months: 127 months

(at the same interest rate and no withdrawals and / or extra deposits)

Your savings in money: $ 6,000

Your savings in duration: 24 months

At Atlantigaz we will arrange this for you quickly and error-free, without costs! You can get more out of your loan than you think. Options to pay less interest. To get rid of your loan earlier. Atlantigaz is happy to help you gain insight into your advantage. Request a quote now without obligation.

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